“Sometime when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried but you’ve actually been planted.”

-Christine Caine



Continuum of Growth (C.O.G.) is a personalized, compassionate course designed for the criminal defendant and his or her family.

C.O.G. prepares you and your family for the realities of life in prison. Most important, it helps you work through the despair of the post-sentence stage and to thrive during and after incarceration.

The course consists of six (6) components, each of which may be followed by one-on-one telephone discussions with a PhoenixRise Coach. Our goal is for each participant and their family to be fully prepared for the journey through federal prison. You will receive information about visiting, e-mail, telephone contact, video visits, and written communication, in addition to valuable information on all aspects of prison life.

This interactive course covers the following components:

Component 1: Basics of Prison Life
Component 2: Arrival at Prison
Component 3: Prison Life
Component 4: Preparing to Leave
Component 5: Post Prison Life
Component 6: Re-Entry Materials

C.O.G. can help you live a fulfilling and relevant life after involvement with the criminal justice system. We will help you design and pursue a deliberate path to restore your confidence and dignity, successfully reintegrate into your community, and create long term goals and action plans for success.

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