MRT Moral Reconation Therapy®

Moral Reconation Therapy is a unique cognitive behavioral treatment approach designed for the criminal offender populations. “Conation” means “intentional decisions.” “Reconation” means to change the way in which one makes those intentional decisions.


The MRT program is designed to alter how offenders think and how they make decisions about right and wrong. Using proprietary materials, the participants work through the 12 steps of the program over 24-36 weeks. First they gain an understanding of how their beliefs and actions led to their involvement with the criminal justice system; by the end of the program they have acquired the skills needed to create short and long term life goals so as to integrate back into society in a more meaningful way. MRT is typically performed in a group setting led by facilitators certified to teach the curriculum.


Pam Green and Kelly Jaedike of Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting are certified MRT facilitators. Contact us for information about how we can assist you or your clients using MRT.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

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