Coaching is a process that takes you where you are in your life right now and helps you identify and achieve your goals in order to live a better, richer and more fulfilling life. Therapy helps you discover how you got to this place; coaching takes you forward to create a better and brighter tomorrow.


Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting helps individuals undergoing significant life changes find a way forward. Our clients include:

• Professionals facing discipline or licensure issues

• Individuals facing incarceration

• The newly uncoupled, whether by divorce, separation or death

• Individuals facing involuntary career change


Your current situation may seem overwhelming. You may feel lost, broken and defeated. You may feel hopeless and fearful for your future. The coaching staff at Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting has been where you are and we can help.


“One of the hardest things in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”

Oprah Winfrey

Have you delayed burning a bridge because you were afraid of what would happen when you lit the match? Have you delayed crossing a bridge because you couldn’t see clearly what was on the other side? Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting will help you light that match and face what comes next. We will help you walk across that bridge and discover new beginnings on the other side. And we will do so with compassion and empathy.

“Never forget that walking away from something is brave, even if you stumble a little on your way out the door.”

Mandy Hale

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