“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

-James Baldwin



Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting facilitates MRT groups designed to modify domestic violence behaviors. Similar to regular MRT, the program for domestic violence is a cognitive behavioral educational approach that confronts batterers’ beliefs and behaviors, especially focusing on power and control issues. Our program meets Minnesota statutory requirements for domestic violence programming. If you have been ordered by the Court to attend a Domestic Abuse Program, call us - we can help.


MRT for Domestic Violence FAQ

1What is MRT for Domestic Violence?
MRT for Domestic Violence is a cognitive behavioral program designed to change the way batterers think and respond within interpersonal relationships. MRT groups are open-ended, meaning new participants can join at any time.
2How does MRT for Domestic Violence work?
MRT for Domestic Violence has a specific curriculum contained in a workbook, Bringing Peace to Relationships. The book has 24 modules. Participants complete homework for each module prior to coming to a session. Each participant presents his or her homework in group and the facilitator either passes the participant on to the next module or has the client redo the homework, based on objective criteria.
3How long does it take to complete MRT for Domestic Violence?
Minnesota Statutes 518B.02 requires participants to attend a minimum of 24 sessions or 36 hours of programming. Our groups last for 90 minutes, which means participants must attend at least 24 group sessions to successfully complete the program.
4Does the program offered by Phoenix Rise meet state regulations for domestic abuse programming?
Yes, our programs meet all criteria set forth in Minnesota Statutes Section 518B.02 for court-ordered domestic abuse counseling programs and domestic abuse education programs.